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From The Backline - Whitecaps/MLS/Soccer Podcast

Aug 28, 2015

Well, after so many, many years of heartbreak the Vancouver Whitecaps finally won the Voyageur's Cup.  Obviously, that's the big news in Whitecapsland this week, so in Part 1 (1'-29') we discuss the historic win.

In Part 2 (30'-61') the guys look back at the 1-0 win over FC Dallas last weekend, talk some WFC2, open the mailbag, look at the MLS playoff picture and a lot more.  


Marc Weber: Whitecaps should get domestic for ACC final (c/o Vancouver Province)

Mark & Jorge on "On the Coast" with Stephen Quinn (CBC Radio One)

(note: FTBL segment starts at approx. 8 minutes into the Aug. 27th show)


We Are the Champions - Queen / Ce Matin La - Air  


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